Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shoe on the Other Foot Department?

This just in from Bill Christensen of Joe Scarborough, one of the 268 Representatives who voted to begin impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton, has apparently finally noticed the disparity between Clinton's record and Bush's.

Scarborough quoted:

Well, this is uncharted territory. And Josh Green, I want you,
if you will, to imagine, how would Republicans have responded if
President Bill Clinton had ignored the advice of all of his Joint
Chiefs, his top general in the war zone, his former secretary of
state, and 80 percent of Americans? Is it not a stretch to say that many Republicans would have considered impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton if this situation were identical?
This is something I wonder about constantly; imagine what the Republicans--who crucified Bill Clinton for firing some White House Staff or getting a blowjob and lying about it or losing $200,000 in a land deal BEFORE he was President--would do if Clinton had done one of a zillion things George W. Bush has done (usually with virtual impunity). You'd have been able to hear them screaming in Timbuktu!

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