Sunday, December 17, 2006

Remember When America's Biggest Worry Was Fellatio?

So the press wanted to elect the guy they'd rather have a beer with, eh? Well you've got him and you've had him for six years. Had enough yet? Bill Clinton had a few very circumspect foreign initiatives in Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo; in none of them were we bogged down in some horrendous mess.

What exactly are the 'accomplishments' of the Bush administration? A Medicare Drug Benefit which is so expensive that the guy who was going to tell us how much it cost had to be threatened so he'd shut up. A benefit which truly seems to be more for the drug companies and insurance companies offering the benefit than for seniors. A Katrina emergency effort that finally convinced the American people that this administration is truly incompetent. Massive tax cuts that pissed away surpluses that Bill Clinton wanted to use to "Fix Social Security First" and saddled our kids and grandkids with a huge federal debt. If you thought 'Tax and Spend' was bad you didn't really compare it to 'Borrow and Spend'.

And a war in Iraq that threatens to be worse for America than the war in Vietnam. Costs heading toward $1 trillion, deaths of American kids heading toward 3000 (plus tens of thousands of kids injured), Iraqi deaths of between 400 and 900 thousand, a horrible black eye for American prestige around the world, another quagmire that we can't get out of because our leaders can't contemplate 'defeat' (John McCain) or 'failure', etc.

What else do you need to know to realize that these crazy pseudo-conservatives can't govern? Remember the nearly constant fuss pseudo-conservatives were making about Bill Clinton? How he had to be impeached for fibbing about fellatio? Ah, now those were the good old days.

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