Thursday, April 26, 2007

William Kristol's Revealing Slip of the Tongue, Transcript

See my prior post for more explanation. Kristol is being interviewed by Robert Siegel on NPR's "All Things Considered" about John McCain's current candidacy and asks Kristol what McCain's advantages are over other candidates. In part of his reply Kristol states:
"... but ultimately this is going to be a wartime election [2008], this is the first post-9/11 primary among Republicans, 2004 was a post-9/11 election but obviously Bush wasn't challenged, and I do think it will be a foreign policy election--that will be McCain's claim, that he can lead this country through the wars or through the difficult challenges [embarrassed chuckle as he says the word "challenges" correcting his slip "wars"] that we face."
That this warmonger-ideologue is still being so frequently interviewed on radio and TV unfortunately demonstrates that pseudo-conservatives have NOT been so embarrassed by their patently horrendous advice leading us into the Iraq War that they are discredited; one wonders: 'what will it take?'


William Glad said...

It's becoming clear to me that, while the war lobby may still have nagging concerns about petroleum, their main concern is the safety of Israel if we disengage from Iraq. It's obvious that the strategy, weapons and tactics the guerillas are using in Iraq will work in Gaza, the West Bank and Southern Lebanon. While the idea that the guerillas and terrorists will "follow us home" is ludicrous, the idea that they will shift their focus to Israel if they prevail in Iraq is not so far-fetched. Given the power of the Zionest lobby, it's not surprising that they are able to trot Kristol out again and again. I fear it is going to be very difficult for the US to disengage in Iraq without dealing a dramatic and highly visible blow to the insurgency that proves we have the strategy, weapons and tactics to contain it. Right now, we're proving the opposite point. The Israelis must be very disappointed with us.

James A Bond said...

William Glad,
I've spent a substantial amount of time obsessing about why we invaded Iraq. For the beginning of a paper I wrote on this see Why Did the Bush Administration Go to War with Iraq? Part 1
There is more to this paper if anyone wants to read it. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Jim -

Here's a working copy of that link:

Why Did the Bush Administration Go to War with Iraq? Part 1

James A Bond said...

Thanks for correcting that link. I'm not sure what I did wrong and it appears you can't edit your comments.

Anonymous said...

You put a "/" at the end of the url; you can't do that when the url ends with a file name.

For example, you use a slash at the end of a domain name:

But you can't use it after a .html file name

James A Bond said...

Thanks for the information!

James A Bond said...

Is there any way to edit a comment I've already posted?